Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CTA) –North Carolina Only

- Outpatient Therapy                                                 

- Mental Health Therapy (Individual and Group)

- Substance Abuse Therapy (Individual and Group)


- Individual Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) - North Carolina Only 

- Group Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR) 

Psychological Rehabilitation Program (Group and individual) - promotes recovery, community integration, and improved quality of life for persons recovering from mental health conditions that have severely impaired their functioning. The program provides collaborative person-directed and individualized services to help clients build and rediscover skills and access resources that promote independence and recovery. Clients are provided with tools, supports, and resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful I the living, working, learning, and social environments of their choice.

Psychological Rehabilitation program is a skill-building program based on the core principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation as promoted by The International Association of Psychological Rehabilitation Services. It also incorporates principles and concepts of the Mental Health recovery and WRAP Program (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). Clients are assisted in developing and enhancing skills with the goal of reestablishing roles in the community.