It is our mission to develop and provide effective prevention services, programs, and resources in collaboration with local Community Service Providers while delivering comprehensive, compassionate, and consistent quality of care to those diagnosed with mental health conditions.
CareLink Solutions Inc. was established to provide a place of comfort, belonging and encouragement to those who are experiencing mental illness. CareLink Solutions has rapidly progressed into a close-knit, uniquely supportive community enhanced with programs and support from highly trained and dedicated staff. Everyday members and staff work closely together to learn new skills, build self-confidence, gain a greater sense of individuality and self-importance to prepare our members for a purposeful, gratifying life that they desire and undoubtedly deserve.


We envision a future when we are among the leading providers of treatment to support individuals attempting to overcome persistent mental health/substance abuse challenges. Carelink Solutions, Inc will develop a comprehensive continuum of care that is responsive to the changing needs of our customers. We will provide services with empathy, compassion, and attentiveness to the person-centered process. The program encourages participation in community opportunities and hands-on practice in real-world activities involving employment, education, self-discipline, and personal development. The program is designed to help participants overcome the obstacles and stigma associated with their mental health issues.